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A journalist needs images for an article, your colleague a high-resolution product photo for her presentation, and a sponsor wants to see that video from your last event?
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The Share feature Your message to the recipient The e-mail the recipient gets The recipient opens the link Now the recipient can just download the files

Could you send that real quick?

Sending a video or a few high-resolution photos without Digital Asset Management sounds pretty simple, right? But, first you have to find the right file. In the right format and the requested resolution. Those were not mentioned in the request? So, you have to go back and ask for that information. And once you have everything, how do you send 500MB? This process is getting more complex than you – and the recipient – would like.

Self-service. With boundaries

With archivedi you can find the requested files in mere seconds. And sharing doesn't take much longer. Just enter the recipient's e-mail address together with your message, and you're are almost done.

First the system sends an e-mail containing a special link to the recipient, or to several recipients. Once they click the link, they can see (only) the files you selected for them in a preview. After selecting a file, they can pick which of the predefined resolutions they want to download. You select while sharing, whether the resolutions should be restricted or whether they should be open. If you want to share for a limited time only, just enter an optional expiry date. You are in control.

No size limits, no delays

Since archivedi doesn't just send huge files attached to e-mails, you won't hit any size limits. The recipient then downloads only the files she really needs. And since all your media files are already on archivedi, you don't have to upload to a server first to share.

A picture says more than a thousand words

Just click the first picture on the right and we'll show you the whole process step-by-step. If you have any questions, just contact us at

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